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S e r v i c e s

Craig wears many hats as a musician:  composer, arranger, performer, educator and the list goes on from there.


As a composer, Craig has written and arranged music for the concert stage, film, jazz music for varying ensembles, as well as music meant for dancing.  


For performances Craig can commonly be found in intimate settings as a solo instrumental guitarist and in small jazz ensembles (duos, trios and quartets) with other exceptionally talented musicians.


Craig also enjoys passing his musical knowledge on to other inquisitive minds yearning to learn more about the art. Craig is available for lessons in Music Theory, Composition, Arranging, and on specific instruments (Guitar and Bass Guitar), as well as improvisational techniques for any instrument.


If you are interested in having Craig write, arrange, perform or teach:  follow the link to the Contact page and send him a message.

Redneck & Blue Collar Breakdown {Live} - Craig Peaslee
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Beyond the Wu Zhang Plains {Live} - Craig Peaslee
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Frankenstein {Live} - UW-Milwaukee High School Honors Jazz Band
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